Vegetarian Protein Diet
Thinking About Going Vegetarian, But Worried About Protein?
At Last, Here’s a Delicious Simple Way to add Complete Protein to Your Vegetarian Diet!
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Curling green Plants Edge Are you thinking about going vegetarian? Are you already living the vegetarian lifestyle? If so, you’ve no-doubt considered the protein issue. The human body needs protein to survive and thrive. For most people, that protein comes from meat, and when you stop eating it, you’ve got to think of other choices. Many plant-sources such as nuts, seeds and soy products provide some. But then, you’re faced with having to eat a certain thing every day, or face getting sick.

It’s a serious consideration for any vegetarian. Most of the plant-proteins are incomplete, meaning you have to combine foods, eating certain things together in order to properly replicate inside the body the protein found in animal sources. And what if you don’t like tofu? Not everyone is going to like it, and it has such a reputation of being “essential” in the vegetarian lifestyle, that it keeps many people from ever trying it. Plus, with the emerging studies concluding that “too much soy” isn’t good for men, it further puts the issue on the fence.

This new discovery will help any vegetarian achieve a proper amount of complete protein, and make the lifestyle more attractive to any carnivore who is considering it. More tofu recipes? A new way to eat beans? No!

This is an all natural, 100% plant source of complete protein. The catch? It tastes like ANY-thing you want, and you can eat it without any preparation at all. Sound too good to be true? Keep reading.

Chia Seed Close Up Photo 1 Tablespoon of Chia is all you need!
Chia seeds are small and have no flavor of their own. Just 1 tablespoon per day is all you need!

How easy is it to use?

MySeedsChia Seeds are actually one of the easiest things you can possibly add to your diet, whether it’s vegetarian or not. It’s as simple as sprinkling them onto anything you already like to eat or drink. Chia Seeds don’t have a flavor of their own. Instead, they distribute the flavors of food or drink that you add them to. This property lets them take on the taste of that food, or amplify the flavor of liquids. (Meaning when you cook with them, the food will actually taste better!)

The answer is Chia Seeds.

The Chia Seed is actually a Superfood. It was lost for centuries, ever since the ancient Aztecs used its super-nutrition for their armies. With the ability to keep people feeling full, and being 23% protein by weight, it isn’t any wonder they were able to conquer so many lands. Every tiny seed was a powerhouse of nutrition, vitamins and essential omega-3 oils. And now, its power can easily be in your hands.
For example, you could sprinkle them onto: breakfast cereal, yogurt, oatmeal, ice cream, juice, milk, pizza, salad dressing, pasta, sandwiches….really, anything that’s moist enough to get the seeds to stick to the surface. You can also prepare them as “Chia Gel” (soaking the seeds in filtered water for 15 minutes will produce a thick gelatin like substance that will substitute for butter in recipes) and then add it as a moist ingredient to food or drinks.

Without the soy estrogens, it’s safe for men to consume any amount. It truly is a “Green Food”! The plant makes an oil in its stems and leaves that insects and other pests can’t stand, so there’s no need for chemicals or additives. The anti oxidants in the seeds keep the oils fresh so there's no need for preservatives. It is also one of the few plant-sources that provide complete protein like that found in meat.

For vegetarians, Omega-3 oil is also an issue. Its primary source is in fish. Omega-3 rich diets adopted by cultures who eat a lot of fish, such as the Japanese and Greek Islanders, have been proven to reduce heart-disease risk, lower cholesterol, and lessen arthritis. However, if you don’t want to sacrifice fish, or even if you don’t like the idea of eating fish many days of the week, Chia seeds are the answer once again!

Chia is rich in Omega-3 oil, as well as calcium. In fact, it has six times the calcium (by weight) as milk. With Chia seed in the house, you won’t have to worry about harming the ocean or eating fishy flavors. With the oceans in danger, and some of the fish even absorbing poisons, now is the right time to turn to alternate omega-3 sources.

Take advantage of easy, delicious complete protein right now, with MySeeds Chia Seeds!