Cooking With Ninja Title
You're about to discover a cooking & nutrition secret so great that it appears to be magical!
Wouldn't it be great to have a real "Secret Ingredient" for your own personal use?
Something that you can slip into any food that has NO FLAVOR but instantly adds easy, safe superior nutrition? And what if it made you feel full for hours at a time...defeating every dieter's nemisis: "Hunger Attacks"? And...what if this secret ingredient could be used to literally cut out half the fat of all your favorite recipes...without affecting the flavor?

It truly would be a health breakthrough. It really would be your key to...

Like a ninja in the cover of can slip into any food the following benefits:

Magnesium: 15 times more than Broccoli
Calcium: 6 times more than whole milk
Omega-3: nearly 9 times the amount found in Salmon
Fiber: more than flax seed & 2 times more than bran flakes
Iron: nearly 3 times more than spinach
Protein: more than soy
Unlike fish, MySeeds have NO CHOLESTEROL

All it takes is a simple spoonfull! And this isn't some nasty vitamin powder or dangerous new pharmacutical or chemical concoction. It's as easy as scoop, mix and enjoy!
  • Natural & organic
  • Without radical dieting
  • Without special equipment
  • Without potentially dangerous pills
  • Without having to drastically change your eating habits
  • Makes you feel full longer so you're not fighting hunger (it's easy to lose weight!)
"But I like to cook!
I'm not interested in some futuristic food substitute."

I want to continue cooking all my favorite recipes, and learn new ones. Don't worry! You can still enjoy your rich desserts, favorite dinners and delicious breakfasts. Even if you don't cook "From Scratch" it's still so easy to add MySeeds into pre-packaged mixes and ready-made foods. Go on eating what you like, just make it better!

The truth is, MySeeds is great for recipes. The gelled seeds easily substitute HALF the butter or oil that most recipes require. It doesn't alter the flavor OR preparation method of the food, while cutting the fat content in half!

You know that "diet bars" and "diet meals" can't ever substitute for real cooking. A lot of the time, they can't even substitute for the taste of box-mixes and dinners. And what about kids who are picky-eaters? You want to be sure they stay healthy, while giving them the foods they really like to eat. MySeeds takes care of both of these.

You're so busy, how can you eat right and have great taste? It doesn't have to be ninja magic any more.

When MySeeds can do so much for you, why go another minute without the benefits?

You already know how easy it is to use in anything you already like to eat. You already know about the fat-replacing properties, AND the ability to keep you feeling full for hours at a time. But did you know...?

Soluble & Insoluble Fiber help prevent: colon cancer, diverticulitus, diverticulosis, IBS, AND constipation?

The gelling ability of MySeeds helps to slow digestion and regulate blood sugar levels?

The Omega 3 fatty acids are the same as those found in fish? These oils appear to provide protection against inflammation, hypertension and atherosclerosis.

You owe it to yourself and your health to add MySeeds to your life.
It's so easy, safe, and nutritious once you go with MySeeds, you'll never go back. Plus, when you order now, you'll get access to the awesome FREE cookbooklet! It's full of step by step instructions, full color photos and illustrations to make every recipe easy. You won't find these recipes elsewhere, they're exclusive to the MySeeds Chia Cook Booklet. You get FOUR recipes (each) for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and side-dishes. It's the perfect way to get started in a healthy and delicious lifestyle!

There's nothing to lose but the excess pounds, cholesterol and boring diet!

Every bag has over 1 month worth of servings inside. Extra is included to ensure you can get past 'snack attacks', or if you are using it to cook for yourself, and your family.

Want to see what's waiting for you, when you get MySeeds? You can download the free cookbooklet right now without obligation to buy anything. Have more questions? Try our MySeeds Chia FAQ
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Are you tired of the ordinary?
Are you dealing with picky-eater kids or are you personally bored of your menu? If box-meals and 'cup noodle' are part of your daily routine, consider some of these super recipes! These go above and beyond the bring you extrordinary taste that's easy to make! Break out of your meal-time rut with these ninja recipes!

Choose a scroll to see the step-by-step process that's full of colorful photos and illustrations for each recipe. You can also watch a Ninja make it with the fun video link.

Triple Ginger Cookies Video
Printer-Freindly Ginger Cookies Recipe
Cranberry Apple Rice Video
Printer-Friendly Cranberry Apple Rice Recipe
Lemon Chicken Ramen Video
Printer-Friendly Lemon Chicken Ramen Salad Recipe
Brownie S'more Video
Printer-Friendly Brownie S'more Recipe
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